The House of Beauty – Wellswood, Torquay

Torbay’s most luxurious and bespoke beauty salon and spa. The work consists of an Ornate gilded reverse glass sign 16ft x 42″, Water gilded in 24crt gold leaf and 12crt gilded numbers with matt burnished bevels on a deep brown background.

Wrought iron gilded bracket with water jet lettering and gilded finial, hanging sign 2ft x 18” water gilded.

Front door glass and shop number above gilded 23crt gold-leaf.   Lovely clients to work with on a project like this.  Thanks Roy and Sarah Ricketts

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12 Responses to “The House of Beauty – Wellswood, Torquay”

  1. David Farr says:

    This is one of the best signs I have ever seen in all my travels around the world. It is the work of a pure genius . I know the owners are very very proud of your art and dedication. I know how hard you worked to get everything just right and indeed worked long into the night to get ready for the grand opening.

  2. David Smith says:

    They will be so pleased you said that. thanks very much David. Glad you liked the sign.

  3. Max says:

    Great talent, admired far abroad.

  4. Steve says:

    We always refer our clients to the best in the industry… Well done Dave great designs..

  5. Simon Morris says:

    Dave, another amazing piece of work! Well done and thanks for posting.

  6. Pete Fordham says:

    Wonderful work David I absolutely adore the detail and intricacy of your work
    Only just found you through my son and a mutual friend who pointed me toward your website.
    I am so envious of you being able to work in such a rewarding profession.
    You must be a very happy and contented man and deservedly so.

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  8. Alexander says:

    Amazing! These sign-boards are not impossible in Russia. To many hooligans with stones.

  9. Justin Beament, David Harris & Ron Parsons says:

    Dear David
    Just to introduce ourselves: We are Justin Beament, a Typographic Designer (& former Head of Typography, University of Plymouth), David Harris, Type and Lettering Designer and Ron Parsons
    Monumental letter cutter.

    We greatly admire your website and in particular your elegant use of letterforms along with your
    very skilled craftsmanship. We understand that you must be very busy, but we would welcome the opportunity to visit you and see your work. We quite understand that this would be a short visit, but we hope that you can fit us in for an hour or so. Hope to hear from you.

    Yours sincerely

    Justin Beament

  10. Pretty and very important to attract the eye of the customer!

  11. Brad Butler says:

    Hi David, Your my hero, I’ve always considered myself to be a very good signwriter, it turns out i’m just a clown (compared to you), I can’t imagine ever having the skill & dedication to do anything like the artwork featured here. Thank you for sharing it in such detail. WOW,
    Congratulations, Brad Butler, Ghostwriter Signs, Sydney, Australia

  12. David Smith says:

    Hey thats very nice of you Brad, i checked out your website, very nice work indeed. Appreciate it!

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