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Jameson Whiskey, Label Design for St. Patricks Day 2013

Acclaimed glass artist Dave Smith toasts St. Patrick's Day with a limited edition bottle for Jameson 2013.

David Smith, a traditional glass artist, has designed a special edition bottle for Jameson on St. Patrick's Day. The contemporary bottle design was inspired by the intricate glass etching and ornate gilding synonymous with the décor of great Dublin pubs where Jameson has been enjoyed for generations. David's design reflects a classic back bar mirror and encourages you to "Embrace Your Irish Spirit" as part of the March celebrations.

This special limited Jameson bottle is the second edition in a series of annual releases by different artists. Designed to celebrate St Patrick's Day, the bottle is available in 24 markets around the world from February 2013. The uniqueness of the design and limited availability of the bottle means this is a must have for those who want to embrace their Irish spirit with friends on St Patrick's Day.

The limited edition St. Patrick's Day bottle forms part of Jameson's St. Patrick's Live celebrations. The Jameson Live Broadcast will take place in the Old Jameson Distillery, Dublin, while Jameson St. Patrick’s Live Dublin will be the flagship event for the worldwide celebrations.

Whether you are enjoying the celebrations in Dublin, Moscow, Johannesburg, or New York, Jameson brings the St. Patrick's Live celebrations to you.

Included in these photos are pictures of the day at the distillery in Dublin with family and friends. Some of the images also show how the artwork was created. Many thanks to everyone at Jameson Whiskey, Ireland

  • Date

    February 23, 2013