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Letter T – blind de bossed Giclee pencil drawn print (includes free shipping)


This art is a limited edition of 250 beautifully blind de bossed Giclee pencil drawn prints. (Click the center of the picture to enlarge)


Limited Edition run of 250 prints.

The ornate letter T art came from an idea that I had always wanted to create as a Type design artwork for lettering and tattoo artists along with people interested in my work.

The making of this art was created over a 12 month period with fine mechanical pencil thumbnail drawings and several reworks of the finished style.

I designed it to incorporate a blind Debossed finish to the paper, a beautiful technique they used back in the early 1900’s. The image capture of the original drawing was an amazing process all on its own. I needed a high resolution image and to find a person who still used this process was hard but I did and he was literally working only 20 miles from my studio.

The scan that I needed was made with a high resolution scan back attached to a 5”x4’’ Sinar camera with a Rodenstock process lens. The paper is Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300gsm. The print itself was produced on a Canon image PROGRAF Pro-4100 printer with an exceptional museum quality light fast finish.

After designing the border and inner details to represent the tattoo design I vectored this part of the work ready for an engraved metal plate to be made, this was then used to deboss the fine outer scroll details into the paper. It was a joy to create this work and more special as it is my first ever print.

Dimensions: 530mm x 530mm Square (21.7/8 Inches).