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Online Workshops

Welcome to the new online glass gilding workshop area. These classes will be up and running soon and dates will be announced across my social media platforms.

The classes are being filmed in a way that makes you feel like you are with me here in my studio; even my mistakes you will see me correct! It’s all being kept in the filming to help you along your journey with reverse glass gilding. By the time you have completed this course you will find you are a proficient Glass Gilder and on the way to turning this into your new career. Alternatively, you may take this course to answer some of those questions you could not find to help you along your gilding path.

In this first class, I will be teaching you up to 18 different ways to gild glass starting right from the basics. You will learn the importance of cleaning the glass, how to create gelatine mixes, backing enamels and then onto the water gilding stage. I’ll be showing you how to apply the leaf 18 different ways, with and without a gilding tip and gilding cushion. You’ll also be making 12 glass gilded lettering projects in various techniques of water and oil gilding .These individual letters will guide you through the English and American techniques of creating various gilds and Boston gild effects. There will also be a codes on the site for you to buy materials, at a reduced cost, from two different gilding suppliers that will be displayed on the website  Gold Leaf Supplies, Wales and Handover Brushes ,London, both excellent gilding sign material supply companies.

From advanced gilders to beginners, You will enjoy this course and what it has to offer.  This will be a gilding community you’ll want to be part of going forward. I have so much to share with you and I can’t wait to do this!

Look forward to meeting you online soon.

All my best Dave

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