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Gold Leaf Workshops – Photos


In my desire to pass on this knowledge to other craftsmen, I regularly hold reverse glass gilding workshops where sometimes on a one to one basis & sometimes in groups I teach the techniques of glass decoration that I have researched over the years.

These Gold Leaf workshops are, to my knowledge, the only place where you can cover ALL of the required disciplines to execute an authentic “Victorian” reverse glass sign.

You will leave the studio with a full palette of almost magical glass recipes, fully equipped to continue and develop this wonderful art form.

You will also take home a glass sign that you have made on this course worth over £3,000

For details on costs and dates either call me on 01803 613753 or email me at

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  1. Hi David,
    I loved the video that was posted on facebook. I tried working with Silver foil this week and found that it disappears when encased in glass and fired. If I try to add it to my sand blasted glass, do I use a glue to make it adhere? From you video it looked like you used water. but I am not too sure.

    Your work is wonderful and I wish you a great future.


  2. Hi Julie.
    Thanks for the comment on the video glad you enjoyed it.
    I use gelatine diamonds to make the watersize for the gold and silver leaf to stick to the glass. If your sandblasting glass and trying to adhere goldleaf or 12crt gold you wil need to varnish the etched area first for the gold to stick. Once the varnish is dry water gild the leaf on rather than oil size.
    Let me know how it goes…Dave

  3. I just wanted to take half a minute of my time to leave you a comment by saying: please carry on with your articles, I truly likethem.

  4. David Smith

    Thankyou very much,I appreciate your comments.

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