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Golds that Glisten

Hand made reverse glass advertising sign using over 100 year old techniques. This Glass sign was first hand drawn and designed onto paper. I then took the design and built it on computer refining shapes back and fourth.

From sketching to scanning and vectoring the shapes with the mouse and keyboard. The final artwork was photographed and applied to screen and then the

glass was printed with black firing glass enamel which I had highly pigmented for density. The print came out crisp and sharp with excellent detail all over,this was then fired into the glass at high temperatures. I now let the glass cool to room temperature and applied a resist for the lettering to be acid embossed, I also brilliant cut puntie circles and edge cuts into areas of the design around the illustration of the girl, these were finished crystal clear from polishing with felt wheels. Once all the embossing techniques were finished I curved the glass round a stainless steel mould and then finally water gilded in various shades of gold leaf with some ver eglomise in areas to give depth and detail to the end artwork. Made in 2010 .

  • Date

    December 28, 2010