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G. Bennett Upholsterer. Glass Sign

This Victorian glass sign was made for a traditional craftsman who is passionate about his trade. Geoff Bennett runs a small one-man Upholstery business in Newton Abbott, Devon.

He specialises in bespoke upholstery and motorbike seat covers. He asked me to design and make him a glass sign advertising his business. This glass sign is 28"x 18" and entails the use of 24crt, 22crt, 16crt and 12crt gold leaf.

The letters were sponge stippled with emulsion paint, then submerged upside down in a bath of acid for 30 minutes. The emulsion broke down after 10 minutes, exposing other areas to acid causing irregular etching to the letters. Other acid treatments were made using mica and cross hatching techniques within the illustration. Mother of pearl, shading and finger blending was also used. The sign was made in 2004.

  • Date

    October 5, 2010