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Elaborate Victorian Style Mirror

This is one of two mirrors recently completed. The mirrors were hand made using the traditional Embossing and brilliant cutting techniques from over 100 years ago.

The design was hand sketched ,work was then started in March of 2010 . I took longer than usual to make these mirrors as I wanted to capture the richness of a genuine Victorian piece ,and the wide variety of techniques that the original craftsmen would of have employed. I have put together a lot of photos from start to finish to show the procedure , some are taken from different angles to show off the light on the faceted cutting , please excuse the amount of pictures taken.

These are the exact kind of mirrors you would see in Lavish surroundings ,opulent grand Houses and Beautiful Victorian Pubs around London and the British Isles. Not to mention places like Las Vegas, Dubai, Monaco where beautiful mirrors and furniture are the norm.

  • Date

    July 6, 2011