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Born & Raised Album Cover – John Mayer

I was commissioned by Sony Music/columbia records, New York to design an album cover for John Mayer, the American pop and blues rock musician. The album is called Born and Raised. John as you know, is a singer-songwriter, recording artist and music producer.

Working with John on the brief of the artwork, he asked me to include coins, watches, flowers, and ribbons. I had a great start because of his direction and experience in graphic design and knew this would go smoothly. He also has a great eye for detail and design.

The artwork took roughly one month to complete, drawings were made separately in this time, but most of the artwork from Vectoring and finishing in Photoshop took just short of 28 days. This has without a doubt been one of the most enjoyable projects I have been involved with due to the person I was working for.

The album is out now on iTunes and has also been made as a traditional LP with full cover jacket and internal artwork. The work was commissioned by Sony Music and Columbia Records, New York at the beginning of 2012.

It appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show on the 14th May 2012 in Chicago and David Letterman Show on the 17th May in New York 2012. and many more international shows. The images below show step by step artwork of the cover along with other ideas presented to John back in December 2011.

  • Date

    May 5, 2012