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Booths Finest Dry Gin

Booth’s has a fascinating story. Savoured in Victorian gin palaces and favoured in the infamous hotel bars of the Golden Age of Cocktails, even King William IV was a Booth’s enthusiast.

It was these historic references that inspired this design and the design really is in the detail. Note the gilded oak leaf scroll filigree, representing the gin mellowing in sherry oak casks, and the decorative letter ‘H’ in the Booth’s wordmark – a charming quirk of personality on the original art deco bottle. Every element reveals a part of the Booth’s story.

I worked alongside London’s amazing design company Design Bridge to produce a bottle that would stand out not only in the design artwork but also with its beautiful glass work and embossing that was achieved through hours of work.

Booth’s was reborn.

By delving into the history of Booth’s and collaborating with Design Bridge we’ve been able to bring back the brand’s unique charm and character. Booth’s is now a stylish, complex and deeply authentic brand resurrected for today. Ornamental, original and obsessive about detail, this is craft and creativity at its glorious best.

  • Date

    April 5, 2016