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Online glass gilding course, have a look at whats in store…

gold leaf water gilding
You're a serious wealth of knowledge and it's amazing that your willing to share it so generously.

- Craig Brown

What’s included in this online gilding course?

In over 50 hours of video explainers, I will cover lots of different processes and techniques, with tips I learned from decades of devotion to the craft, sharing where to purchase the materials that will be required to create 12 beautiful gilded letters.

I will detail a list of suppliers and help you get set up at home with items such as stands/easels, brushes, abalone, gold leaf, gilding cushions, knives and paints. The suppliers I use and recommend all provide excellent prices and service. They also stock gilding kits to get you quickly started.

There will be 18 different ways for you to learn how to water gild, giving you the choice of which way you would like to learn the gilding process going forward.

You will then come on the journey with me to create 12 beautiful gilded letters, from initial drawing to completion. There are supporting PDFs, vector files and lined drawings included ready for you to print off.

Greyscale images of the 11 Gilded letters and 1 Gilded numeral you will get to create on the course.

A bit about your tutor

I’m a Signwriter, glass gilder and designer based in Torquay, Devon. I began my Signwriting and lettering career at the age of 15, learning from 3 masters of their trade.

I completed a six year Apprenticeship, which led me to meet many talented people within the Letterhead movement in the USA and around the world.

In 1996 I decided to start teaching other like-minded artists this unique art form. Over the years and with the advance of the internet, my work was introduced to many people. I have created many gilded glass signs and ephemera vintage designs for high-end clients and my work has been showcased in many newspapers, international magazines and films.

My most recent large piece was the culmination of years of dedication, an ornate set of reverse glass signs and carved frames for the world famous barber shop Ludlow and Blunt based in Brooklyn, USA.

Many other clients large and small followed and to this day I still enjoy lettering onsite at shopfronts and pubs here in Torbay. It was a huge honour in 2019 to be awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth ll.

You can see a list of clients I have worked with and read the full story here.

gold leaf gilding equipment
I feel very privileged to have attended a Dave Smith workshop and learned from the master craftsman himself. An excellent teacher of glass work gilding with a fun sense of humour!

- Paul Walters

Access anywhere icon

From the comfort of your own home

This online glass gilding course means you can access the course from home, take your time to set up your home workshop and learn with me, from scratch.

Some of the early sections of the course will help you get the right equipment, detailling what is important, where to get it from and what to look out for.

No experience needed icon

No experience necessary

You don’t need to be an artist, able to draw vectors, ever painted glass or touched golf leaf – but you soon will have experience of all of these!

If you have some experience of all or any of these, then great, but I’m sure the breadth of the course will offer some valuable tips to even the experienced.

Learn at your own pace icon

Learn at a pace that suits you

The teachable platform will lay out the course curriculum into 5-15 min video sections. You just log in and work your way at your leisure.

It will remember where you got to last time, and you can stay in (or revisit) any section forever more – Meaning you have a course for life and can truly go at your own speed.

Can I do an in-person gilding course?

Yes I have been doing in-person workshops for over 25 years, I will often have a handful of strangers spending days at a time with me, keen to learn the craft. You can find out about those here.

I have devised these online courses as a solution for those who cant afford to travel and learn with me in person. It is an affordable way to be inclusive for all.

From time to time I will do discounts and competitions, if you want to hear about those the best way is to subscribe to my mailin list below.

number 2 two tone effect
High value insights gained that were so much more than expected and have had an immediate impact on my business.

- Scott Martin , Canada

Completed glass pieces of the 11 Gilded letters and 1 Gilded numeral you will get to make on the course.

finished letter H
A true master of his craft! Dave has an incredible depth of knowledge and an amazing skill set. It's rare in this day and age to find someone with such a skill set that crosses multi design disciplines and who's down to earth and willing to share his secrets.

- Will Lynes, Sydney, Australia

Help keep the craft alive

Passion. Excitement. Curiosity. Creative pursuits require fearless endeavours.

I am a student of the craft, helping others create new careers for themselves or pass nameless hours for their own joy. I can speak from both camps and continue to devote every waking second to the trade.

Now I have done something new, I’ve created an online learning course. I feel the mix of trepidation and excitement, perhaps you feel the same. Lets journey together to keep the craft alive.


Frequently Asked Questions

The course is currently competitively priced at £795, much cheaper than the investment to attend an in-person course.

The course is entirely at your own pace, once you have enrolled you can watch and rewatch, taking it a step at a time.

For as long as you want. This one-off payment means the course will be here whenever you need it.

This is an entry-level course that starts with advice on how to set up your workspace, buy the right kit and begin to learn your new trade. We have downloadable templates for designs along the way, you don’t need prior experience, just a willingness to learn and time to hone your skills.

What others have said

I couldn’t have been more shocked and delighted by Jason’s kind words and effort to share his experience of my first online course: An introduction to glass gilding. It’s humbling to have such a great community around me all keen to keep the craft alive.

If it’s something you haven’t tried because you weren’t sure you would be able to, as Jason professes he hadn’t picked up a brush and look at the beautiful pieces he has created!

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The course curriculum was released on 20th November 2022. start your 52 hour learning journey today.

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