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My Morris Traveler Van


These iconic vehicles were common place on the roads of Britain in the 1960’s and 1970’s The Morris Minor van was more often used as a trade vehicle than the 1968 Morris Traveller pictured here, but as a platform for my decorative glass work, this model was more suited to show off my techniques on glass.

In between other work, I restored this 1968 classic vehicle to more than its former glory, along the way, learning how to carve wood for the roof-rack runners.

This vehicle draws a lot of attention as I drive it around my home town of Torquay and has generated a lot of glass and sign commissions from local businesses.

The roof-rack carvings are mahogany and these was all carved by hand ,the lettering is also handcrafted and painted and 24crt gold leaf.

Both sides of the vehicle employ two different glass signs which have glue chipped lettering and acid etched details and scrolls.

Mother-of-pearl was also applied to both panels. Glass flitters , blended shades and brilliant cutting was used for the background work.

Both panels were designed and planned using a sketch I made and then hand painted and screened in areas. The back door was brilliant cut acid etched and deep blasted, some pearl glazes were added and the lettering was gilded and shaded in 24 ,16, and 12crt gold leaf. The vehicle was completed in 2007. It took 3 years between other work for me to finish it. A labour of love I guess….

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  1. Wow the car looks great, what a classic but who is the bloke in the picture!

  2. David Smith

    That’s the last time I invite you round for a Sunday Roast. These Midgets pop up everywhere.

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