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Glass Gilding workshop - October 5th - 8th 2017

3 and half day glass gilding workshop with students Henk Scholten and Ferrie Ovink both remarkable gilders and specialist decorators from Holland and Philippe Huguenin and signwriter / designer from Switzerland. All three artists completed…

By David Smith

October 9, 2017

Private Bar in Cleveland, Ohio

Made for a private bar in Cleveland, Ohio. This pencil sketched artwork is the main design for the bar interior. This will eventually become a reverse glass sign in many techniques including gold leaf.

By David Smith

January 13, 2015

The Hour Glass

Made for Paulinho Moreira from Brazil. This was hand sketched for a tattoo design.

By David Smith

January 11, 2015

Andrew Amo Wright

Hand rendered sketch for a dear friend called Andrew Amo Wright. Andrew is a traditional signwriter and works with his family at Pinewood Studios, London England.

By David Smith

April 21, 2014

Combat Arena

This design was hand drawn and then colour rendered in Adobe Photoshop.

By David Smith

December 28, 2010

My Website Design

It’s always hard to design your own front website page. I had all sorts of  ideas on what I visioned the final design to look like.

By David Smith

December 28, 2010

Decorative Bathroom Mirror

I made this mirror for my wife to keep her happy. I was for ever promising a new mirror in our bathroom and so for her birthday made her an ornate mirror.

By David Smith

December 9, 2010

Dave Smith Victorian Reverse Glass Sign

Made for the end credits of my film  which you can see here. Acid etched lettering with 23crt Gold-Leaf  blended to 12crt Gold. The background was hand painted and finger blended , all the lettering…

By David Smith

December 4, 2010

P.H.Zang Brewing Co - Step by Step

This Victorian reverse glass sign was made for a local pub in my town. It was designed from an original trade card that Rick Glawson bought from an advertising show in Los Angeles.

By David Smith

October 3, 2010