Monogramme Glass Sign.

Monogramme Glass Sign . A decorative reverse glass sign with various techniques inluding brilliant cutting and acid etching.

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6 Responses to “Monogramme Glass Sign.”

  1. Brayden says:

    I think this is one of the best G’s i have ever seen. I love the way you use light in your work. and how when you look at it it is very clear and has allot of style without losing integrity. and how the high level of detail is so well balanced you don’t get lost in it until you try to examine it and you cant even comprehend what your eyes are seeing. did you approach learning all your flourishing/ornament/scroll “whatever you want to call it” work the same way you developed your alphabets? im 19 and very much into signwrighting, letters, what have you… people tell me im doing well, butt i know i have much to learn. i hope if i work hard i can be successful like you. butt yeah, sorry for wrighting so much, anyways… great work.

  2. David Smith says:

    Hi Brayden. First of all thanks very much for your comments. Glad to see a younger person interested in this skill, hopefully people like you will go on to keep it alive and fight off the digital age that is upon us in this industry. I will admit I do like to mix technology and tradition as you can see here on this site, I guess if it was not for computers we would not be comunicating and showing off our work like we do… I would say just keep practicing your writing skills as much as possible in between making money in other work, you will find your way like I did. The possibilities are endless and rewarding. To draw scrolls and ribbons is down to hand sketching constantly looking for ideas seeing how the masters created there work,you have to have some starting point to learn the forms of good fluid ornament. Goodluck mate.

  3. Brayden says:

    yes i believe in the computers as a medium, not a crutch. i cant thank you enough for your advice, ive been almost completely alone in my journey, not always knowing the best way to go about things, im confident i will find my way its just nice to have a little guidance i guess. im trying to seek as much knowledge as i can digging threw the internet and the library, i havnt found to much specifically about signwrighting so ive just been looking at the time period. is there any exceptional books you might recommend i find? i dont mean to bother, butt heres a link to a my work, if you have the time…

    http:[email protected]/

    when the time is right maybe next summer i might be out in europe, if your still doing those workshops that would definitely be something id be interested in.

  4. Robare M. Novou says:

    Brayden, you do good work for being so young. Keep it up, and someday you may be giving Mister Smith a run for his money.

  5. David Smith says:

    I think Robare is right. Beautiful work Brayden. Will be watching out for you. There are a few books out there in the market, Designage, Signwritten art. both these are a great resource. Lovely work keep it up mate.

  6. Светлана says:

    Здравствуйте Дэвид! Просто хочу выразить свое восхищение и необычайный восторг, которые я испытываю от Ваших работ! Они просто великолепны, они поражают мое воображение своим изяществом, продуманностью и великолепием. Ни одно видео не поражало меня так, как съемка Вашей работы над проектом Джона Майера. Спасибо Вам за то, что Вы делаете!

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