Shamrock Whiskey Glass

This glass was a private commission for a restaurant in Bath UK. Three of these panels were made, they are silvered and glue chipped. Size 3ftx2ft made in 1999.


5 Responses to “Shamrock Whiskey Glass”

  1. S.Chandler says:

    Dude, ur work is really amazing! I like it!

  2. David Smith says:

    Thanks very much, appreciate your comments.

  3. mrs s kershaw says:

    i have the same mirror mine is plain glass at the back its realy old i got it out of a old pub in london been trying to track infomation about it every where

  4. Lorraine says:

    I have one like this too…think it’s original (it certainly looks pretty old). It was found hidden in a wall of a house. Any ideas how much this may be worth?

  5. J ARZA says:

    chihuly who? thats a fat punk .YOUR THE MAN DAVID, AMAZING!!

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