P.H.Zang Brewing Co – Step by Step

This Victorian reverse glass sign was made for a local pub in my town. It was designed from an original trade card that Rick Glawson bought from an advertising show in Los Angeles.

Rick made this sign for his front shop counter in Wilmington, California. He mainly used it for display, but it was also designed for customers to pay for there supplies by placing there coins and notes directly on to the glass.

His Brother kindly sent it to me after Rick passed away in 2003. I showed it to a local pub owner who asked me if I could make one for him to hang above the optics behind his bar.

These pages show how I went about making the glass sign and also trying to figure out the techniques that Rick had used. Since making the panel back in 2004, I have discovered another way of successfully achieving a matt finish for the buildings and letters which at that time worked, but was not precise to the finish I required.

Please note white acid etching was not used for this technique on this sign.

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6 Responses to “P.H.Zang Brewing Co – Step by Step”

  1. Aarron Roberts says:

    Most excellent work. Thank you for posting your step by step!

  2. Rick Bennett says:

    Truely Amazing work! You are an inspiration to us all, as was Rick Glawson. Never had the priviledge to meet the man face to face but was a customer and enjoyed many conversations with Daddy Fine Gold.

  3. David Smith says:

    Thanks Rick. Yes Rick Glawson was the gentle giant with a heart of gold and willing to share his reverse glass knowledge which is what I like to do here. No point in keeping it to yourself, know one learns anything that way. Thanks for the comment Rick


  4. Kevin Bergin says:

    I remember seeing this article, and knowing that this was always something that I wanted to get into. Such an incredible piece of art; thank you, as always Dave, for the amazing inspiration!

    Kevin Bergin

  5. Gabriella Douglas says:

    I am an architecture student from Canada who loves glass and has a passion for calligraphy. It is clear you are a master Sign Artist. I will be involved in the UK exchange program come January, therefore, I plan to visit you and your studio in the near future.
    You’re an amazing inspiration and I look forward to seeing your upcoming works.


  6. Tony Bennett says:

    I keep returning to this step by step as it blows me away.

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